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Certain mutual acts like meeting together, trading, helping each other and establishing a relationship within the community needs a common platform to   realize any imminent gains that arise from a community and its members. is such an initiative to help bring people together for a common cause that might vary from trading, comparison, helping, bargaining, sharing information and finally buying or selling anything and everything within the community.    

Either your need is of an apartment, vehicles, jobs, consultations, teachings, shopping or whatever, rightly fits into your diversified needs and superbly caters them. is a classified ad posting site to create various prospects of buying and selling mutually.   

The site gives a chance to post offers, ads, events, notice, messages etc so that all what your need reaches to the intended-target aligned in different categories. Thus, users easily post either new or old products like used cars, parts, electronic gadgets, flats, rented apartments etc to let other show some interest Information regarding schools, colleges, hospitals, police, jobs, media, events, books, malls etc is posted on the site to find a relevant match for all of those listings.     

With, you get the opportunity to search, buy, sell, inform and interact with other existing or interested member. Thus, enjoy the freedom of new world that encourages community living and interaction among its members. is here to help users in their initiative of stepping up and establishing a relationship with their prospective community members.    


The site follows simplicity and wide applications to help users/members easily search their prospects. You just have to enter in your category to find the interested members and prospects. All the listings are in category for your ease, and users can easily find through browsing.    

Clarity, speed and precision are all there while you search prospective members or interested users through The site comprises a vast pool of data regarding each and every section that might have any relevance regarding online interaction, information sharing, buying and selling.

Thus, get ready to advertise whatever you have to show to the community and the members. Whether you wish to buy or sell, inform or interact, come at the site to reach to the users you need. Gain as you wish with being in the vast pool of opportunities that get generated by your interaction and information sharing at

Ownership is an innovative approach to let users connect with the community they live with or within for the sake of common interest, business interest and trading. The site has been designed and powered by Tradegateway

The site with its design and functionality provides ample opportunities and wider range to those who have something to share, trade, interact and convey to others. site comprises a vast pool of data comprising listed members with their needs in different categories. Thus, it becomes easy for new users to browse through those categories to get close to their desired advertising or other diverse needs.